Vitalis Sun Bowl the Texas Step

Who We are

Welcome to its sport space in the network, where always you to the day will be on all the sport information that she is generated in the border zone of Juárez City, and the Step, Texas.

Because in this border everything is not drug trafficking, executions and murders of women. Juárez city, also is the cradle of great sportsmen who have put in very high their name as much at national level as international.

It is for this reason, that in, it will be a priority to spread the true face of Juárez City. The positive side that unfortunately is relegated in many occasions before the spectacularity of the red note.

In, also it will be always abreast of information more excellent than it is generated within the “Wonderful World of Deporte?, at state level, national, and international.

For any suggestion or opinion on the matter please to communicate to the cellular telephone (656) 297-6353.


Carlos Mario Colmenero Nevárez
Cel: (656) 297-6353

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