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It attacks bull to Michelito in its debut

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City of Mexico., Monday 07 of June of 2010. - In his first appearance in the Mexico Place, the small bullfigther of 12 years underwent some blows, although not of gravity

It attacks bull to Michelito in his debut07/06/2010 - City of Mexico., Monday 07 of June of 2010. - A Mexican novillero of 12 years was attacked Sunday in its debut in the Mexico Place after killing its first bull, although desire only turned out with some blows and to return to the rotation.

Michel '' Michelito '' Lagravere faced the first bull of 405 kilos successfully, although over his second task encountered and the unit of 385 kilos reached to push it. The small bullfigther was removed from the place to take a x-ray him and to discard some fracture.

His killing father and of bulls, Michel Lagravere, said later to the AP that his son only had contusions and that outside hoped that given of high the same Sunday.

'' I am very I content, because I made a great task in the first young bull and I go away with a very good flavor of mouth '', said '' Michelito '' from a stretcher shortly after to be attacked.

The father recognized the fear before the blow undergone by the boy, although also he said to feel very proud.

'' I eat papa you will imagine, first frightened because I am killing of bulls and I know what is, but, across, later very proud of my son and to feel it happy as it is, in spite of the somersault and the blow '', commented Michel father.

Lagravere said that '' Michelito '' has predicted its next presentation the 20 of June in the city of Motul, in the Mexican state of Yucatan.

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