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Celtics ties the series with Lakers

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Los Angeles, California., Monday 07 of June of 2010. - Ray Allen encestó 27 of its 32 points in the first time and imposed a new mark of triples, whereas Rajon Rondo completed its first triple-double

Celtics ties the series with Lakers07/06/2010 - Los Angeles, California., Monday 07 of June of 2010. - Rajon Rondo obtained its first “triple-double? in game by the title of the National Association of Basquetbol (NBA), when encestar 19 points, catching 12 bounces and to have 10 attendances and guided Celtics from Boston to a triumph on Lakers of Los Angeles by 103-94.

The result allows Celtics to match the series by the Trophy Larry O´Brien to a triumph by side and the confrontation will start again the next Tuesday, when it is disputed first of the three codisks that will be disputed in the TD Garden of the city of Boston.

The victory at home of Boston has another consequence: that the Celtics robbed to the Californian quinteta the advantage to him of localía in this series, that could finalize in case Boston gains next the three challenges, that will gamble in his hurts.

Also, it is necessary to emphasize that for I go up to around this one is the fifth “triple-double one? that obtains in a party of playoff in its race and that counted on the aid of its Ray Allen companion.

This last one established a new record in triples in game of final series by the sceptre of the NBA, when connecting eight of the 11 that tried and to back leave the mark of seven which they shared several players.

In this duel, Boston showed a face totally different from which taught in the first challenge that disputed Thursday the past, was much more aggressive in defense when catching 44 bounces, 13 of offensive them.

In addition, in the final minutes it closed with a 14-4 partisan who finished burying the hopes of Lakers to go to house of Celtics with a comfortable advantage of 2-0 in the series.

By Boston, their better anotadores were Ray Allen, that encestó 32 points, 27 of them in first half, Rajon Rondo followed to him with its “triple-double? when encestar 19 units, catching 12 bounces and to obtain 10 attendances, Kendrick Perkins collaborated with 12 and Paul Pierce finalized with 10 units.

By Los Angeles, their better basket makers were the Spanish Pau Gasol, who encestó 25 points, while Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum finished with 21 each.

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