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A learned lesson

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The Lakers demonstrated to the Celtics that learned of the 2008 defeat

A learned lesson04/06/2010 - Yes, this must hurt for the Celtics. It must be hard for an equipment that has the word sacrifice tattooed in the heart, to have to do his rival enjoying nailed in parquet of the Staples Center in each one of the divided balls.

This time, the intensity put the Lakers. They took pócima and they happened of Dr.Jeckyll to Mr.Hyde in a matter of seconds. The control of the party was always in the hands of the yellow equipment and back it was that one equipment indicated like liabilities, light, soft of the End of 2008. They have learned the lesson, or they have demonstrated at least in this first game that has the necessary thing to become physical and to happen superficially to their rival, even when the ball does not enter. Or defending, running in transition or simply doing what they do not like to do.

In other words, the equipment of Phil Jackson has realized that stops to win to the Celtics must know how to cook but also to put the hands in the sweepings at the moments that demands it to the situation.

For the Celtics, this game was as to watch itself in a mirror and to receive a drink of its own poison. The energy, the group defense, to place the physicist to receive offensive lack, to load to the bounces in both cost of the field, to lend the ball, to run when it allows it to the situation. All those attributes were, until Thursday at night, tricks of the boys of Boston. But the subject is beginning to change.

However, the Lakers remained with this party because they knew to impose his difference in the painting. We said before beginning this series that Pau Gasol was going to be the key player, and in the first party it did not make us be nothing bad. One was hard, loaded of intensity, and sent a wink in the time to they criticized which it in 2008 by his lack of intensity. Whenever the Spanish wing-pivot received near the hoop - in the low and high post it wrote down, it received lack or it shared the ball for an unmarked companion.

It finished with 23 points and 14 bounces - eight offensive in his list, 8-14 in shots of field and 7-10 in free shots. Much for a player who never had passed the 19 points in a party of End. In addition, it gained in ferocity and game to him to Kevin Garnett in the key, and this time the one was kg that got tired to complain without having concrete solutions to impose its law. The power is clear that has Gasol in this equipment: the Lakers playoffs is to 9-1 in these when the Iberian passes the 20 points.

There is something changed in the Lakers, anyway, and that abre spaces for the European wing-pivot. One is Andrew Bynum, that jumped to the field after a drainage bankrupt in its hurt knee - the liquid returned to the affected zone but that was moving, expeditious and aggressive to attack the hoop. If Bynum is in field, the Celtics has two towers to control and they do not reach the walls to stop resemblances cracks. If not you Gasol pity, you Bynum pity. Thursday, hurt both.

The angelino equipment dominated rebotera battle 42-31 and wrote down 48 points in the painting against 30 of its rival. He is showy that Boston has not found bolts to prevent, besides the game of the giants, the penetrations by the center that as much Shannon Brown, Derek Fisher, Jordan Farmar and Kobe Bryant realized untiringly. Per moments, the Celtics shone like a tired boxer, who had received a series of blows and that was holding as it could to gain the fight by points. Thus, against the Lakers, it is like trying to stop to a locomotive with an expanded polystyrene wall.

We return to the defense, and is here where somebody will say to me with reason: Rum Artest was worth the pain. Thursday, Rum-Rum, a fantastic party played, as much in attack (5-10 in TC, 3-5 in T3) like without ball. To Paul Pierce it cost to him to breathe with Artest to his side, almost did not take place to move and incordioso, annoying was seen it. Right what the Lakers needed to dry their offensive. And what Artest began without ball, it continued it Bryant. Against Artest, Pierce wrote down 11 points in 56 possessions, touched to the ball 29 times, wrote down 5-8 in TC and received three lack. Before Kobe, it wrote down 8 points in 18 possessions, touched to the ball 11 times, it wrote down 0-2 in TC and it received four lack.

There am another section here that it had to do with the Lakers. The defensive transition of the equipment of Jackson was remarkable and it only allowed five points in counterattack of the Celtics, when Doc Rivers had left in clear in one of the times was solicitd that the intention of its equipment was to run the field, to accelerate the rate. They were the Lakers, one of the tax exemptions that less unfolding in transition has in the NBA, those that wrote down 12 points from that route.

And finally, we arrived at Kobe. When their companions become jumbled in the game, everything is simpler for the genius of the Lakers. It has spaces and it attacks the worried defenses to control to the rest. Bryant owns a switch to ignite and to go out that it does not have anybody in the NBA. It can be 20 minutes without sending to the hoop but when it decides to always play - in transcendental situations of a party it ahead takes everything with the force of tsunami. We can speak of the Kobe moment of a game. Thursday, arrived in the third quarter, when it wrote down 5-7 in TC, it touched to the ball 19 times in 23 possessions and wrote down 14 points.

Without doubts, Rivers it will have to consider if it is Ray Allen that it must defend to Black Mamba. Thursday, before Allen, touched to 29 times the ball in 28 possessions, wrote down 6-7 of field, lost only a ball and turned 15 points. As if it go little, took to its defender to commit four personal lack to him. In front of other defenders, it had 4-15 in TC, it touched to the ball 37 times in 53 possessions, lost three balls and it wrote down 15 units more.

Then, we see the following thing: if Kobe, Gasol, Artest and Bynum, among others, played a great party, is almost impossible that the Celtics wins. Angelino roster closed the night with highest 48,7% in field shots and a 40% in triples. Although it is for applauding to the Lakers, also it must serve from consolation Boston: it will be difficult that the angelinos can maintain this effectiveness combined with similar defense throughout all the series. And they do if it, the Celtics will have to know that they have faced a rival impossible to surpass. So it is so Boston has not been able to gain any party in these playoffs when it yielded more than 100 points (0-5)

The energy, the attitude and the sacrifice, combined with básquetbol group cash in both cost of the field, are the necessary ingredients for the prescription of a triumph in playoffs. They did it to the Lakers and it is called on now to Boston to remove the head from the bottom of the water, to demonstrate that its heart is intact.

In the End of NBA, the tax exemptions that win the first party takes the eliminatory one in a 73% of times (46-17), and although the Lakers gained the first game in all the eliminatory of these playoffs, the Celtics already knows what is to leave from back (we remember that they fell in the first game before the Cavaliers).

Jackson is to 47-0 in series of playoffs when it gains the first game and as much Kobe Bryant as Derek Fisher, friendly inside and outside the field, never lost a series when they gained the party debut (26-0). But all is not pale for Boston: this is the fifth time that loses in the first party of End before the angelinos and three of last the four times raised the eliminatory one to take the series in seven parties.

“They were, by far, a much more physical equipment?, said coach of Celtics Doc Rivers. “They were more aggressive. They attacked to us all night. I believe that we did not match anything well?.

The sayings of Rivers, sincere, will serve so that their players react: these are not the same Lakers that 2008. They have learned the lesson, they have been constructed doors inside and they have released the fierce one at the right moment, beginning to draw for history his revenge. Its great revenge. That yes, in the way, must have much well-taken care of: it faces are the Celtics and the experience says to us what this equipment is able to do when it is of point in an eliminatory one.

Therefore, this history just begins. Said this, Sunday will see if the second act follows with the same tonic or if change winds begin to see themselves.

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