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One more a medal for Zudikey Rodriguez

The LOCAL NEWS - Carlos Mario Colmenero

Now consguió the silver medal in Relief 4 X.400 in XIV the Latin American Championship of Athletics

One more a medal for Zudikey Rodriguez06/06/2010 - The Mexican equipment of Relief 4 X.400 integrated by Kar it Guadalupe Owners Pedraza, Nayelly Vela, Gabriela Medina, and the athlete of the UACJ, Zudikey Rodriguez Núñez, adjudcó the silver medal within XIV the Latin American Championship of Athletics, that is realized in San Fernando, Spain, with a registry of 3:32: 96 minutes.

The first place of the competition was for the Cuban equipment trained by Roxana the Diaz, Earthly Indira, Susana Clement, and Dausyrami Bomne, who stopped the chronometer in 3:30: 73 minutes.

In the third position the representative one of Brazil crossed the goal a time of 3:33: 27 minutes.

This it was the last day of competition in Latin American stage 2010 of San Fernando, Spain.

(Carlos Mario Colmenero)

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