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Athlete of the UACJ gains gold medal for Mexico

The LOCAL NEWS - Carlos Mario Colmenero

Zudikey Rodriguez Núñez gains the presea sea bream in the test of 400 meters with fences in XIV the Latin American Championship of Athletics

Athlete of the UACJ gains gold medal for Mexico05/06/2010 - The sprinter of the Independent University of City Juárez, Zudikey Rodriguez Núñez, adjudged the gold medal in the 400 meters with fences during the second day of activities of XIV the Latin American Championship of Athletics, that is realized in San Fernando, Spain.

In the second position the Portuguese Patricia Lopes crossed the goal a time of 57,50 seconds, followed in the third step by Spanish Laia Forcadell, who stopped the chronometer in 57.73 seconds.

Without doubt this she comes to be a great profit in the sport race of Zudikey since this one was as soon as the second occasion in which the mexiquense but based sport brilliant in Juárez City competes in the test of 400 meters with fences.

Its first official competition in this test was in the Cabos, South Baja California, within the ninetieth National Championship of Athletics of First Force, where it did a time of 56,10 seconds, to establish a new Mexican record.

On the other hand the pertiguista of the UACJ, Christian Sanchez, finalized in the fifth position of the jump with garrocha, with a mark of 5.20metros.

The winner of this test was the Cuban Lazaro Borges with a jump of 5,60 meters, followed by the Brazilian Fabio Gomes Da He whistles with 5,55 meters, and the Portuguese Edi Maia with a mark of 5,30 meters. (Carlos Mario Colmenero)

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