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Rafael Nadal, champion of Roland Garros

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The Spanish secured his villa crowns in the Open one of France and reclaimed number one of in excess ranking ATP when winning in sets to Robin Soderling, with partisans of 6-4, 6-2 and 6-4

Rafael Nadal, champion of Roland Garros06/06/2010 - Rafael Nadal secured its villa crowns of the Grand Slam de Roland Garros when surpassing to the Swedish Robin Soderling in sets run, with partisans of 6-4, 6-2 and 6-4, apart from which he secured his clay victory 22, surface in which does not have lost in which goes of the year and in which has yielded only two sets, to secure titles in Montecar it, Rome and Madrid.

Nadal showed its better version to gain the seventh Grand Slam of its race and to reclaim number one of ranking ATP, supplanting to Roger Federer. On the other hand, Soderling, that shone erratic and it was not to the height in this end, will appear sixth in the list that will occur to know Monday.

In addition, ‘ Matador' Nadal received revenge of Soderling, had overcome that it in the edition passed of Roland Garros and in the match of Teachers. It was a forceful victory, without yielding a single Seth in all the match.


In the first Seth, as much Nadal as Soderling was dedicated to take care of their serve, because they were conscious that this one could be the difference to determine the victory; nevertheless, the Swedish had the first opportunity of breaks in the quarter game, but the Spanish extinguished the fire with the power of his service and accurate blows to leave the party 2-2.

For fifth game, Nadal had his first opportunity of breaks, but Soderling was defended with powerful shots from the line that forced to ‘ deuce', in which the Spanish secured advantage and soon shot ended with passing that surprised the Swedish, that it had risen the network, later, with its serve, extended the advantage.

With the 4-2 to its favor, Nadal had two new options of breaks, but Soderling did not lower the arms and secured the triumph, which allowed him to continue stepping on the heels of the Spanish, awaiting an error or of an opportunity to equal, which arrived immediately, in two occasions, but the Swedish did not manage to end.

The loss of these options fell as a cold water bucket for Soderling, that granted to Nadal ‘ to him triple Seth point' in ninth game, nevertheless, the Swedish managed to equal and the triumph took, which only extended a little the sleeve, because the Spanish, with his serve, sentenced 6-4.

The key of the first Seth was in which Nadal took advantage of one the seven options breaks which it had, whereas the Swedish failed in his three opportunities, apart from which he committed 21 errors nonforced, by 11 of the Spanish.


In the second sleeve, Soderling went to the front with its service and had a double ‘ break point' to extend its advantage, but first with a service Ace and soon with an error more of the Swedish, Nadal sent the Seth to deuce, in which Robin had two new options of breaks, but the Spanish showed his better repertoire and finished scoring the triumph.

Of the 2-2, Soderling took control ‘ harakiri', because the impetus with which it struck the ball took it to commit more and more errors, to the degree to give him ‘ triple break point' to Nadal. The Swedish was worn down and was he himself who, with another error, gave the victory him to the Spanish.

With its service, Nadal went to front 4-2 and had two options to break the serve of Soderling of new account: in the first option the Swedish used the power of his serve to be saved, but in second, he became to mistake and he gave the victory to the Spanish, who with his serve sentenced the sleeve.

The key continued being the vagueness of Soderling and their continuous errors nonforced, to the degree of which it committed twelve in the Seth, several of them, determining, nevertheless, Rafael Nadal also showed their better game: it seemed a wall right and left giving back balls.


That was everything in the party for Soderling, that with two thrusts of ‘ Matador' Nadal raises, began the third sleeve yielding its service, although later point', had ‘ break the eighth to him of the party, but it returned to fail and it allowed that the Spanish took the advantage from 2-0.

Conscious that with preserving his serve he would be champion in Paris by fifth occasion, Nadal did not risk of more and it dedicated itself to take care of his service, although it maintained his continuous attack on Soderling with winning blows that finished driving crazy the Swedish, who was crestfallen and signaled impotence.

Thus, they arrived until the 4-2, with the serve of Soderling, that was defended but it followed with infantile errors, to the degree of which, with one double lack, gave one more an opportunity him to break to Nadal, although later managed to extinguish the fire, in which it was the unique fright before arriving at tenth ‘ game', with 5-4 and the service of the Spanish to eliminate.

Nadal culminated its work with the power of its serve and more errors of Robin Soderling, that, completely defeated, did not offer much resistance so that the Spanish gained the seventh Grand Slam in his race in two hours and 18 minutes of party.

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