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The sport improves the quality of life of the families:

02/05/2010 Writing

CHIHUAHUA, CHIH., 2 May. - We are going to impel the practice of the sport with infrastructure and supports

The sport improves the quality of life of the families: Caesar DuarteCHIHUAHUA, CHIH., 2 May. - “ Tenemos to reframe the policy of the sport in Chihuahua, as much to take advantage of the quality cream the sportsmen, like stimulating its practice to improve the quality of life of the families ”, assured To stop Duarte Jáquez, aspiring to the government of the State, coexisting with than 1000 sportsmen reunited more in the Chihuahua Sand.

“ In the state we have sport quality enough, nothing has occurred us without effort and that mentality is with which the Chihuahuenses sportsmen reach their goals ”, affirmed To stop Duarte, in front of the Olympic runner Ruth Grajeda, Christian Bejarano, consomme' boxer, Guillermo Domínguez Domínguez, national champion of Karate, Oscar Took root, members of the selection of básquet bowl in the Olympic Games of the 68 in Mexico, among others.

After reiterating his proposal to separate the State Institute of Deporte of the Secretariat of Social Promotion, the common candidate of the party of Work, convergence, the Green Ecologist, the Honeycomb and the Institutional Revolutionary, To stop Duarte Jáquez, it emphasized the sport quality of the Rarámuris, “ light feet ”, that having to win to their surroundings, counts on a hereditary load of effort and fights permanent, locates which them like excellence sportsmen.

With the Tarahumaras as example – indicated Duarte Jáquez- is like we will be able to reframe the sport policy in the State, being looked for that both intentions, the one to compete to win and to practice by health, can be laid down, once initiated the next governmental administration.

It insisted on which the sport must enormously be impelled so that the young people do not fall in the drugs, the alcoholism, the vagancia and another evils that are afflicting to us at the moment.

We must rescue and to create green areas so that the sportsmen and the families make exercise or they amuse, that all can coexist in those spaces.

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