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The most popular porrista in Juárez is Rarotonga

01/05/2010 Writing

Ramiro Avila, better well-known as “ Raratonga ” takes more than 40 years like porrista of the representative teams of Juárez City

The most popular porrista in Juárez is RarotongaRamiro Avila, better well-known as “ Rarotonga ” takes more than 40 years like porrista of the representative teams of Juárez City.

In interview with Juárez the popular personage is memory that was in 1976 cuano began like porrista of the Indians of Juárez City in Mexican Liga of Baseball.

“ Him I have thrown clubs to the Indians of Mexican Liga of Baseball, in the Basquetbol when they were in the CIMEBA, to Cobras, in the bulls, the boxing, and all the sport events that there are in Juárez

The most significant moment throughout its porrista race as was “ when I made the arrival in a helicopter to the stage White Cross in 1982, when we gained the championship to him to the Tigers of Mexico. And when we were runners-up with Cobras in the First Division, besides when the championship of basquetbol of the CIMEBA gained.

On as it were born to him the idea of being porrista of the Indian equipment of Juárez said that:

“ always I liked to dance and to be relajiento but in good wave, without being crude, nor nothing, and mainly dancing ”

As far as as he were that rarotonga was born mote from “ ” said that they put to him thus because afro brought the hair just as the personage of the magazine of the same name written by Yolanda Vargas Dulché.

“ Is that people did not find that nickname to put to me, looked for many to me, then they paid attention to the hair afro that brought I and in the thin thing, and to that time was a magazine written by Vargas Dulché who was called “ precismaente Rarotonga ”, and they put to me thus and to date. (Carlos Mario Colmenero)

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